Colorful garden view

After a stressful day, a bit of afternoon sunshine in our colorful garden was perfectly refreshing. This lovely new vantage point is courtesy of our DIY backyard bench! Today’s #OneGoodThing with […]

A long, hot soak

Today’s #OneGoodThing was a much-needed, long, hot soak in a bubble bath. Today’s soaking recipe included Epsom salts and Lavender bubble bath. It felt so wonderful to be reunited with my bathtub! Day […]

Pampering Mama

Today’s #OneGoodThing was pampering Mama with a professional facial! She came out at the end and told me, “My face has never had such a good time!” Isn’t she adorable? Plus, […]

Fancy bath

The best part of my day was taking a fancy, lavender-scented bath filled with floating flower petals. The rose petals, cornflower petals and lavender buds in these Cetonia Bath Salts elevated […]