Mud baths and mineral pool

Indian Springs Spa and Mineral Pool (mud bath photo courtesy of IS)

Mama and I continued our adventures in Calistoga today with mud baths and a mineral pool!

We love mud baths and it’s a local specialty in this cute town. Mama and I were thrilled to return to our favorite spa today; Indian Springs Spa’s mud room is light and airy feeling despite the vats of steaming mineral mud. We always giggle as we try to get in — and then as we try to get the mud off again, but the muscle relaxation is unparalleled. If you’ve never had a mud bath, it might sound like a crazy thing to do. But it feels as though you’re suspended and immersed all at once, like being in a warm, soothing cloud. I could feel the tension in my body dissolve.

After the mud, we dragged our rag-doll-like bodies to the 100° Olympic Mineral Pool, which was magnificent. We lounged and read poolside while watching the sun set and noshing on a basket of seasoned fries. Indian Springs has been recently renovated; it’s lovely, but we missed the older, smaller, funky feel. Still, we’d highly recommend this place!

Mama painting in our room while Paisley watches; Mama’s Nutty Professor roll; The Gabriana Roll

As if the day weren’t great enough, Mama and I enjoyed incredible, fresh sushi for dinner. I picked up takeout from Sushi Mambo, just across the street. They used to be in Napa and had to relocate after the earthquake a few years ago. It’s Calistoga’s win because the sushi was delicious! They even made a custom roll for me, which the chef said he’s considering adding to the menu and naming it ‘The Gabriana Roll!’ It’s got avocado and tempura yam inside with unagi sauce on top — so good!!!

Today’s #OneGoodThing was the wonderful treat of having mud baths with Mama!

Day 23 of 365. And Day 754 in a row (here’s the first 366 & the following 365)!

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What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share in the comments!

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