Buon Viaggio Celebration… Planning Underway!

RSVP to gabrianam [AT] gmail [DOT] com for the address!

The watercolor background of this graphic invitation was painted by Mama Jude herself during a previous trip to Venice, Italy. You can read about her past adventures and see more of her gorgeous work on her blog, Giuddittalia. When she’s feeling up to it, Jude will also blog about our upcoming special trip and both of our blogs will feature her beautiful artwork!

The rest of the graphic invitation was my pleasure to create for My Amazing, Memorable Mama! The graphic prints are a tribute to her love of fonts (yeah, I come by my geek chic honestly); and it includes her favorite Venetian image: the gondoliers symbol, along with the Italian flag and edges reminiscent of a postage stamp! Besides the digital version, we printed them on cardstock, folded and sealed them with a gold wax Fleur-de-lis, and sent some as postcards (we’ve always loved doing arts and crafts projects together).

At the Buon Viaggio (Italian for Good Travels) celebration, we’ll have a large birthday banner for everyone to decorate and sign, which we’ll then roll up and take to Italy to decorate Mama Jude’s Venice bedroom. We’ll be in Venice for her 70th birthday so please join us for a little early celebrating!

More trip and party details to come! Please help sponsor Mama Jude’s Last Wish Trip to Venice, Italy. We greatly appreciate any and all support! L’chaim! A Venezia!

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