Domestic Queen

Reading Nook Closet

The Nosy Parker family has been getting creative to maximize space after a recent downsize to a smaller home. One of our first major in-home projects was installing floor-to-ceiling shelving, drawers […]

A Love Affair with Gelato

Don’t get me wrong, I’m already a big ice cream fan. Ben and Jerry are two of my best friends, and I’ll happily share my my favorite ice cream shop (or frozen yogurt or gelato) in every city in which I’ve lived. But NOTHING compares to Italian gelato in Italy. […]

Natural Remedies Ease Cancer Symptoms

First, here’s my disclaimer: I’m no doctor and I am in no way professing to cure any cancer. I am a caregiver and a writer. My mama is battling brain cancer and we’ve found some natural remedies for the symptoms of her cancer and treatments. All of these items can […]