Gaining Momentum

This weekend I was grateful to celebrate another birthday with my mama. It was just a couple weeks before my birthday last year that we learned her rare brain cancer is considered terminal. I didn’t think I’d get another birthday with her. (I’ve never been more happy to be wrong.)

More than 500 people a day are diagnosed with a brain tumor in the U.S.; and only one in three with a malignant tumor will be alive in five years. The odds aren’t great. And my mama’s cancer is even more rare. Yet, we are hoping for a miracle. Please help us. We’re raising money and awareness in a fun, 5k walk in San Francisco in just 12 days.

Please join our team – Grey Matters – in the Bay Area Brain Tumor Walk in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park on Saturday, May 4th. It’s a fun 5k walk that raises funds to cure brain tumors.

We hope you’ll join our team. It would be the most fun to share this day with you. We’ll even have a BBQ afterward. If you aren’t able to join us, please consider a donation.

We are throughly enjoying getting ready for the walk. Thank you to everyone who’s joined our team and helped in the fundraising efforts! We’ve surpassed our team goal of $1000. That means it’s time to raise it. Please vote on the new goal in the comments below ($2,500, $5,000 or $10,000?)!

We’ve been gathering song requests and suggestions for those who’ll be dance walking! C’mon, you know you want try dance walking. It’s just walking while you enjoy music… with your body. But seriously, it looks like fun. And people are enjoying it all over the world. Even Larry King dance walks! And HUGE news, dance walkers: Ben Aaron, the NBC Reporter from NYC who first reported on dance walking, might possibly be joining us! Please send him a tweet to encourage him to join us!!! (Find him on twitter @ben_aaron )

Next up… we’ve been getting our grey attire ready for the big day. Photos to come of our DIY custom Grey Matters fashion!

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