Settling In

Our new home!

Our new home!

Our first night we slept on an air mattress in the middle of the living room. It was the only furniture unpacked — and after a long and disastrous move, we plugged in our phones and collapsed. We used the barstools that came with the house as tables, step stools and chairs. It felt like camping, though the pain of that day is still too near to call it fun or even funny yet.

Nearly two months later, we are finally feeling settled. One look at our garage and you’ll know we’ve got plenty left to unpack, but we’re thrilled to have finally located our winter clothes! We unpacked in order of necessity — food, Mama’s bed, clothes, etc.

It’s been fun to set up this house together. Though Mama had been living in the previous house for 13 years, she moved there while I was in college so it wasn’t my childhood home. Nevertheless, we had generations worth of correspondence and more to sort. It was the hardest move of my life (and I’m an experienced mover at this point). I’m so thankful it’s over — and will be eternally grateful to the dear family friends who helped us through it.

Our glorious new kitchen!

Our glorious new kitchen!

Admittedly, it was a bit scary to leave the community we’ve called home for decades. But moving into a single-story home has been life changing. Though our new house is much smaller, it feels larger since we are using every bit of the space rather than essentially living in one room. It’s like having room to breathe. The open floor plan perfectly fits our lifestyle and despite being smaller, it feels like a quality upgrade in so many ways. The kitchen is completely remodeled with features we didn’t even realize existed; cooking in it is fantastic! The dark wood laminate flooring throughout the whole house is one of my favorite features — so much easier to keep clean and so pretty!

We are loving our new home; and we enjoy exploring our new community when we need breaks from the ongoing home projects!

Up next… see how the Nosy Parker family made this house a home!

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  1. Wow, that’s a big change! I was hoping there was good news behind your absence, and there was, looking forward to hearing more of your adventures.
    I’ll think of you both when in Venice at Christmas.



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