Countdown to Ellen

Thanks to Ellen for these exciting tickets! (L-R: Ellen Staffer Jeannie, me, my friend and Ellen staffer Becky, and Mama Jude)

Thanks to Ellen for these exciting tickets! (L-R: Ellen Staffer Jeannie, me, my friend and Ellen staffer Becky, and Mama Jude)

Today we began the countdown to see Ellen! In just a couple of weeks, Mama and I get to go to a taping of the “Ellen Degeneres Show” — and this time, it’ll be for a “12 Days of Giveaways” taping! Excited and grateful doesn’t begin to cover how we’re feeling right now!

Ellen’s awesome staffer Jeannie surprised us with these special tickets after interviewing us for a Mother’s Day special on Ellen’s Good News Blog last May. The link to the story is no longer live, but we had an incredible time chatting with Jeannie about our unique Mother-Daughter/Caregiver story. We feel honored to be gifted with these tickets.

It may sound silly, but the anticipation of this trip is what helped us get through an extremely difficult move this past summer. On days when we didn’t know where we’d end up living or what would happen to us, we’d look at each other and giggle with excitement: “Despite numerous scary unknowns right now, we know we’ll get to see Ellen in December!” We drew strength from knowing there’d be something wonderful at the end of the year.

We moved around the same time that Ellen’s new season began. One of the first things we unpacked and set up was the TV. The cable man wasn’t even out the door before we put Ellen on! We love how Ellen spreads joy and hope, helping good people in need. Ellen is a wonderful break from the challenges in life.

Two weeks ago our tickets were confirmed and it started to feel real! We got our plane tickets, and we’re looking forward to using the smaller Santa Rosa airport, which we hope will be easier to navigate by wheelchair than most airports (it’s easier for Mama to travel in airports and crowds by wheelchair).

We’ve been planning our outfits and practicing our dance moves. We promise to share photos — and maybe even a video from our trip!

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