Nesting – Or, Making IKEA Our Bitch

FINISHED Project - A Creatively Organized Closet

FINISHED Project – A Creatively Organized Closet

The last two months since we’ve moved have been filled with the unpacking stage. The decorating and nesting is by far my favorite part of the entire move. We’ve been in a state of moving for more than six months now, and we’re so happy to see our home coming together.

I’m excited for us to create comfortable outdoor living space in our big dirt mud yards that Abby is enjoying, but for now we’ve been focusing on getting the inside of the house functional. As we unpack each box, we cheer when we find items we’ve been hunting or needing. It’s like getting to open gifts you know you’ll love because it’s your own stuff. (Ok, don’t burst my bubble… I’m trying to make unpacking fun after all!)

The labor of it may not be fun, but there’s a certain beauty to seeing it all come together. We have made this house our home and it feels good. We’ve now finished unpacking our closets. The first thing we had to find was winter clothes because we’d only left out summer items and we were freezing cold! (Our heater was also broken and we couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working. This has since been fixed.)

Closet Construction

Closet Construction

The clothes unpacking step was delayed by the need to make our closets more useful than a single rod and shelf set-up. What were once tiny reach-in bedroom closets without so much as a door to hide their cluttered contents, are now floor-to-ceiling shelves, drawers, shoe racks, hooks, and hanging bars that scream efficiency. As Mama likes to say, we’ve now made IKEA our bitch.

I created Mama’s closet first. It took me nearly five days… and a steady stream of profanity, as Mama tells everyone! She’s my “sous carpenter” and she helps organize the pieces and hands me tools. She is an excellent sounding board when wrestling with ridiculous IKEA instructions. We approach it like a puzzle. The second closet (mine) went much faster. Seriously; I finished it in a single day! Unpacking into the closets is a bit of work in progress, but I hope you enjoy these photos from throughout the project.

Coming Up Next Week:

  • A holiday favorite – and a great gift – Easy Homemade Peppermint Bark Fudge!
  • And we turn the last closet in the house (in our shared office space) into an awesome reading nook filled with books!

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    • Oh those Allen keys! The worst!!! I was battling some anchors for screws where I couldn’t find studs. And yes, I like to think I taught Mama a few new words! Though sometimes I make up my own 🙂

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    • Thanks Steve! Yes, I’ve had to up my game in terms of being handy around the house. I’m now a regular at the local hardware store where I ask a LOT of questions 🙂


  1. There may be a future for you in organizing other people! My guess is it’s borne out of necssity for yourselves. Other people? Not so much. Your CV is getting longer & longer!



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