Great mail!

IMG_2782As a kid in the 1980s, I used to love getting mail. That ended sometime around the time when bills and such started outnumbering cards and fun stuff. But today I got two awesome packages in the mail!

My dear friend Goldberg sent me a new cookbook filled with gorgeous paleo recipes that I can’t wait to try! Thank you!!!

And the big shocker — my bridesmaid dress arrived! It wasn’t expected for 8 weeks, but arrived in less than 48 hours. Wow!

Besides the great mail, it wasn’t really such a great day. I needed to have a root canal and it was all kinds of awful. But on the bright side, I had an extremely kind dentist who took good care of me. And Mama came along for moral support.


Dr. Mindy: the kindest root canal doctor ever!

Today seemed much more difficult to find #OneGoodThing. Seriously. The best thing that happened was the mail. It was a rough day.

Day 33 of 366.

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  1. I am a real wuss with needles, especially at the dentist’s. Before he sticks the needle in he puts some anaesthetic gel on the gum, so I don’t feel the needle going in. Does your dentist do that?


    • Hi Bert! Yes the dentist used that gel but I was way beyond that point. It was all kinds of awful, which is why it was so nice that the dentist was especially kind.



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