A pug named Hercules – Abby’s new boyfriend?

Abby and Hercules

Hercules (on the L) and Abby (sporting her “I woof you!” bandana from her rehab doctor)

This afternoon, the Nosy Parker family ran out to our local hardware store to pick up a couple of odds and ends. After the manager (whom we’ve become friends with, of course) helped us find what we needed, Abby got to meet his sweet pug named Hercules. The two equally small and cuddly dogs sniffed each other out and had a great time. They were circling (sniffing each other’s rear ends at the same time while walking), and grooming each other and vying for their humans’ affection. Abby and Hercules were just adorable together! And it was truly the highlight of running errands on a Saturday.

Today’s #OneGoodThing is Abby’s new boyfriend, a pug named Hercules.

Day 37 of 366. Look at that, I’ve completed 10% of my goal! Woohoo!

Mama, he's trying to kiss me!

Mama, he’s trying to kiss me again!

Thank you to those who are reading. It’s so lovely to know I’m not writing into the void, but rather to all of you. If you like my posts, please comment and share! Thanks!


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