Popcorn and Swedish Fish

popcorn & swedish fishPopcorn with Swedish fish is my favorite movie snack. This strange combo muscled out the previous all-time favorite of Junior Mints several years ago, when my good friend Jessica and I discovered the pairing. It’s actually best with the mini red Swedish fish and real movie popcorn, but today’s home version was great! The salty, crunchy of the popcorn pairs beautifully with the sweet, chewy of the candy. I know it sounds weird, but seriously, give it a shot. It’s incredible! I guess I especially like it because it always makes me think of Jessica and remember our many laughs and fun times!

Today’s #OneGoodThing was enjoying popcorn with Swedish Fish while watching a movie with Mama!

Day 86 of 366.

Abby face cuddleBONUS: I could seriously write about our dog Abby as the #OneGoodThing every day because she is just that incredibly sweet. So no surprise… Abby was a great comfort today, especially when she decided to cuddle my face! Thanks for capturing this sweet moment, Mama!

Check out more photos of Abby on her Instagram page, where I’m also sharing a photo a day this year!

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    • Abby used to love popcorn. Probably still would except that her GI issues now prevent her from eating people food. She did try to get after the last kernels in the bowl today, but she’s not covert in the slightest so she was caught immediately!



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