Abby returns to rehab

Abby rehab april 29Abby resumed her rehab today.

You probably can’t tell from photos, but Abby’s vet got a new machine. Before starting therapy this afternoon — as we were looking at the new machine, Abby surprised us all by stealing the chicken (her treat incentive) right out of the bowl that we all thought was out of her reach.

But then she did a great job walking for 5 minutes on the underwater treadmill!

It was today’s #OneGoodThing on a day with several good things! Happy Friday!

Day 120 of 366.

Giant giraffe strapped into back of truck in front of me

Giant giraffe strapped into back of truck in front of me

BONUS: On the drive home along a back country road, I looked up to see the back of the truck in front of us with a giant metal giraffe statue. It certainly brightened my drive home and gave me a chuckle. At this traffic light I could get close enough to see the giraffe’s eyelashes and back hair. Incredible work! Hope you like it too!

What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share in the comments!

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  1. Everything surprisingly came together for us to be able to move. And I had moved into a state of acceptance which is truly a one good thing. Go Miss Bug Eyes!

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