The big 75

A (jetlagged) dinner out on our first night in Venice

A truly wonderful person was born 75 years ago today. I call her More Diane. She and Mama have been friends since they were three years old, and she accompanied us on a very special trip to Venice.

More Diane and Mama (many years ago)

More Diane has been there for us throughout the years to celebrate joyful milestones and to comfort us during struggles. She is a mensch — special beyond words. She’s family and I love her.

Now a librarian, More Diane was also my teacher when I was three years old (that’s when I heard ‘More’ instead of ‘Morah,’ the Hebrew word for teacher). She is a wonderfully kind person with a huge heart and a penchant for making recipes healthier. She’s an avid knitter and skilled quilter. More Diane is compassionate, funny, and thoughtful. The world is a better place because she was born.

Mama’s birthday dinner at Al Sacro Y Profano in Venice

Sadly, Mama and I weren’t able to attend her party today as we’d hoped, and so I dedicate today’s post to the incomparable More Diane. You are today’s #OneGoodThing! Happy birthday!!!

Day 120 of 365. And Day 486 in a row!

Nosy Parker family through the years

Nosy Parker family through the years

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What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share in the comments!





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