Trevor at last

Mama and Me (and a woman called Leslie behind us)

Tonight was the night Mama and I have been looking forward to for months! Trevor Noah performed a live comedy show right here in Santa Rosa, and Mama and I got to attend!

We had incredible seats right up front; we were so close we could nearly touch him. When we saw him perform last year, we were far away from the stage and had to see him on a screen. But tonight we were so close that I noticed Trevor has a really cute bum, and I thought what a shame we never get to see that The Daily Show. But anyway, it was a fantastic show! We love Trevor, and he was especially hilarious tonight. I laughed so hard my face felt sore and my eyes teared. Even his opening act was great!

People sitting around us were very nice as well. We were all so thrilled to be there that we couldn’t help but chat with each other. After the stress and devastation of the massive firestorm last month, it felt like we all needed a reason to laugh together. We also got to see the two sign language interpreters who became local celebrities during the firestorm press conferences. They were there signing the show and watching their animated signing added another wonderful layer.

I also enjoyed the night out; it’s been ages since I’ve put on make-up and nice clothes! It was a really great night and we needed that.

Today’s #OneGoodThing was laughing our asses off with our community at a live Trevor Noah performance! Today’s bonus #OneGoodThing was the kind strangers who saw me helping Mama into the car after the show and asked if we needed help. While I buckled Mama, they folded the wheelchair and lifted it into our our tiny car. Many thanks!!!

Day 326 of 365. And Day 692 in a row!

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What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share in the comments!

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