A loving Thanksgiving

(L-R) Jamaica, Me, Vashti, Mama and Spirit

We celebrated Thanksgiving with our neighbors who we’ve become close with this year. Mama and I were honored to be included in their family, and we had a wonderful time.

Before the meal, the kids put on a performance of singing and dancing. They were adorable! Our neighbor Andy brined and then smoked the turkey and it was SO GOOD!!! There was a mountain of delicious food — and then another mountain of dessert. We brought a homemade pumpkin pie and freshly whipped cream to add to the feast.

We enjoyed getting to meet Vashti and Andy’s families; everyone was so friendly and welcoming. We all talked about our firestorm experiences and how grateful we are to have made it through with our homes still standing.

My homemade pumpkin pie baked with love

It felt nice to spend Thanksgiving with Vashti and her sweet family because this year we are especially thankful for their love and support. Today’s #OneGoodThing was spending a loving Thanksgiving with our wonderful neighbors!

Day 327 of 365. And Day 693 in a row!

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What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share in the comments!


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