Overflowing with #OneGoodThing options

Today was a glorious Friday full of #OneGoodThing options. Mama and I both woke up feeling decent, which was a great start given the last couple weeks. Our day’s adventures ended up taking us briefly through San Francisco. We were there long enough to see one of my besties and to enjoy my favorite Chinese food from my old neighborhood delivered.

Angelina is like a sister to me and I love her dearly. She kindly let us drop in on her and gave us a relaxing place to nap and recharge, which I desperately needed to get us home.

This is what San Francisco looked like today

At this point, I was exhausted and we’d already had a solid, lovely day. We were ready for home. But we had to make a stop to return rain boots I’d purchased online that weren’t comfortable. I have considerably different sized feet so it makes shoe shopping a challenge. Thankfully, Nordstrom is the one place I’ve ever found that sells me the different sizes I need. This is MAJOR! Still, it isn’t easy, and I’ve been hassled about it in the past — which is why we were so blown away by the unending patience, kindness and understanding from a new manager in women’s shoes. Kayla shlepped out dozens of boxes and went above and beyond in making what is normally an ordeal into a nice experience. Both Mama and I ended up with wonderful, comfortable rain boots that we love!

Today was one of those magnificent days overflowing with #OneGoodThing options. That is my favorite kind of day and today’s #OneGoodThing. And I am now so tired I doubt we’ll make it out of bed tomorrow.

My friend Briana’s #OneGoodThing (shared with permission)

Bonus #OneGoodThing: After writing last night’s post, I went on Facebook and discovered that a good friend of mine from university has started sharing her own #OneGoodThing and it’s awesome! Check it out!!! And to my fellow Trojan alum, Fight on!!!

Day 5 of 365. And Day 736 in a row (here’s the first 366 & the following 365)!

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What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share in the comments!

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