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Premature Isolation of a Young Caregiver

Mama Jude and Me (20-something years ago) I turned 30 this past April, something I find myself embarrassingly admitting lately. It’s what I find most isolating about being a young caregiver ― the young part. It seems most everyone else I meet caring for a parent is about 20 years […]

My Amazing, Memorable Mama

Mama and Me My Mama is just adorable. She glows with an inner excitement for life, even amid debilitating cancer treatments. I realize I’m biased as her daughter, but in truth she’s always been “cool” (though very strict when I was a kid). She’s done so many things and lived […]

Mama’s Last Wish

The 3 of Us (taken just weeks before Mama’s diagnosis last year) A year ago, my sweet mama had brain surgery. It was one of the scariest days of my life, to come that near to losing my only close family and my lifelong best friend. I am still struggling […]

Natural Remedies Ease Cancer Symptoms

First, here’s my disclaimer: I’m no doctor and I am in no way professing to cure any cancer. I am a caregiver and a writer. My mama is battling brain cancer and we’ve found some natural remedies for the symptoms of her cancer and treatments. All of these items can […]

Music to Motivate

Photo credit: Apple ‘How are you doing all that? What time are you getting up?’ That was one of my close friend’s reaction to my new 30 Days to 30 morning routine. On the grand scale, I’ve got a big looming birthday to motivate me, but feeling inspired each day […]

30 Days to 30

I’m turning 30 next month ― and though I’m not where I want to be, or doing what I thought I’d be doing by now ― I’m actually quite excited. I intend to relish the decade as it will certainly be my best to date, turning-30 advice echoed by (fellow […]

The Big Role Reversal

Mama and Me As a good Jewish daughter, I knew that one day I would care for my mom. But we didn’t expect that day to come for another 15 to 20 years (figuring by then I’d move her into an in-law unit with her own nurse wherever I lived […]