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A Great Airport Ride… One Way

Perhaps you’ve heard… I recently took a wonderful, special trip to Venice, Italy with my amazing Mama and our little dog Abby. We’ve been blogging about it. Anyway, we don’t live near the airport ― in fact, it’s a solid hour and a half drive without traffic. We were fortunate […]

Lose something in the canals?

Ever wondered what happens if you drop something important into one of the many canals in Venice? Like many, I have my klutz moments, so I was curious… and I discovered the answer during a gondola tour. This man shown here in a wetsuit is the expert; he goes diving […]

Venice’s Costume Museum

We didn’t explore a lot of museums during our trip; it really wasn’t that kind of trip. We were there more to experience Venice. Anyway, Mama Jude’s friend Bruno took us to the Costume Museum and it was AWESOME! Photos weren’t allowed in the actual museum, but there was one […]

Glassblowing at its Finest

On our first trip to Murano, we enjoyed watching the art of glass sculpting. The next morning we returned to Murano for a private tour at a glassblowing company called Salvadore. This all came together during a chance meeting of Mattia Salvadore when he was briefly the owner of the […]

Across the Grand Canal

This is where we lived in Venice for the month, shown from across the Grand Canal. We lived in the ground floor apartment of the red building in the middle of the photo to the right. We are standing along the Grand Canal between the outdoor fish/fruit/veg market and the […]

An Ornate Gondola

Gondolas in Venice feature a wide array of decoration. Here’s a photo of one of the more ornate ones we saw. These were regularly parked on a canal we crossed over regularly to get to the Strada Nuova (a lovely main strip filled with restaurants, cafes, shops, gelato, pharmacy, grocery […]

Swimming on Lido

Early in our trip, we went swimming on Lido, a larger one of the many islands that comprise Venice in northern Italy. Venice Lido (Lido di Venezia) is an 11 km long sandbar on the Adriatic Sea. The Lido is also home to the Venice Film Festival. We took the […]