trip planning

Buon Viaggio Celebration… Planning Underway!

RSVP to gabrianam [AT] gmail [DOT] com for the address! The watercolor background of this graphic invitation was painted by Mama Jude herself during a previous trip to Venice, Italy. You can read about her past adventures and see more of her gorgeous work on her blog, Giuddittalia. When she’s […]

My Amazing, Memorable Mama

Mama and Me My Mama is just adorable. She glows with an inner excitement for life, even amid debilitating cancer treatments. I realize I’m biased as her daughter, but in truth she’s always been “cool” (though very strict when I was a kid). She’s done so many things and lived […]

Mama’s Last Wish

The 3 of Us (taken just weeks before Mama’s diagnosis last year) A year ago, my sweet mama had brain surgery. It was one of the scariest days of my life, to come that near to losing my only close family and my lifelong best friend. I am still struggling […]