Lunch with a new friend

IMG_2261Last summer, I took a Thai cooking class from our local community college and I met a new friend named Gail!

After the class, Gail was kind enough to give me a spare Thai basil plant from her garden since our local organic nursery was already sold out. It nearly didn’t make the transplant to our herb garden, but then it thrived marvelously and smelled so good!

IMG_2265Gail recently emailed and asked me out to lunch, and today was the day. We went out for Thai food, of course! I’d never been to SEA Noodle Bar before and the yellow curry was delicious. We ended up talking nonstop and had a great visit. Gail also sent me home with Meyer lemons from her glorious tree (see photo on R). I’m thinking of making a lemon tart. Thanks so much Gail! Looking forward to introducing you to the rest of the Nosy Parker family!

Today’s #OneGoodThing is lunch with a new friend!

Day 14 of 366.


And a bonus…

IMG_2264For those of you stuck in snow, here is a photo of a beautiful flower outside Gail’s door. She is incredibly talented in the garden and the kitchen!

So #AnotherGoodThing is a flower in winter!

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