Sourdough mushroom melt and more

sourdough mushroom meltToday I made one of my absolute favorite sandwiches — a sourdough mushroom melt!

First, I sautéed the mushrooms in coconut oil. Then I toasted two pieces of sourdough bread. Next I assembled the sandwich with a slice of havarti cheese and the sautéed mushrooms. I cooked the sandwich in the mushroom pan — though I admit it was to enhance flavor as much as to reduce dishes.

My #OneGoodThing today was this delicious sandwich I made myself!

IMG_4522Day 107 of 366.

Bonus: Mama told me her #OneGoodThing today was me painting her toes her favorite shade of red! Here are her cute feet — and Abby photobombing. I actually gave pedicures to both my girls today. Taking care of these two is always #OneGoodThing to me. Love you both!

3 thoughts on “Sourdough mushroom melt and more

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