New resting view

Mama, Paisley and I spent a lovely relaxing day at my bestie‘s San Francisco apartment today.

Though there’s plenty we’d like to do and see in the city (we don’t actually visit SF often even though it’s only an hour away), my body forced me to spend the day resting again. It’s not a skill that comes naturally. But at least today I got to enjoy a new and different view from a very comfortable bed! Paisley was sweet company as well.

In the afternoon, the three of us took a little nature walk in the neighborhood to see the community garden. There were lots of beautiful flowers, a brilliant red rhubarb plant, cool mossy driftwood and a view of the Golden Gate in the distance. It was a quiet day, but a nice one.

Mama’s Watercolor Journal, San Francisco

Today’s #OneGoodThing was a new resting view, plus more of our favorite cheese and bread from yesterday, and Mama’s beautiful watercolor sketches of our quiet day! I absolutely love her art!!! And I adore that our little restful excursion has reignited her painting bug! Isn’t she magnificent?

Day 156 of 365. And Day 522 in a row!

1 year ago today: Top 5 in Venice, Italy

What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share in the comments!

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