Ginger chicken congee

Ginger chicken congee or jookWe’re likely late to the party here, but we’ve just learned about congee (also called jook). It’s a thick rice porridge dish popular in many Asian countries.

There seem to be countless variations online, but this is the recipe my acupuncturist recommended to me when she suggested my cold had developed into pneumonia yesterday. As matzo ball soup is often considered Jewish penicillin, congee seems to be a sort of cultural equivalent (though a quick online search shows congee isn’t just for sick people — and neither is my beloved matzo ball soup btw).

The congee was very easy to make. I threw jasmine rice, water, chicken stock, fresh ginger, salt and frozen chicken thighs into our Instant Pot (an awesome pressure cooker) and then forgot about it. It came out perfectly. I shredded the chicken when it was done cooking, and then I topped the dish with coconut aminos (soy sauce replacement), green onions and chopped peanuts.

Today’s #OneGoodThing was a delicious and restorative bowl of homemade ginger chicken congee. Here’s hoping it helps us recover quickly!

Day 25 of 365.

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What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share in the comments!

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    • Thanks for your comment and the info on congee, Babette! I love trying new foods and the congee is delicious! Today I switched the peanuts for cashews and it was so good!!! What’s your favorite topping?

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      • Ooh, there’s a few options for that one. If you pre-bake salmon and leeks, then crumble it into congee, that’s not a bad one. Or as a traditionalist, I’m still for meatballs and sliced century egg – the egg gets a lot milder when it’s in porridge. And topping it with nuts of any sort is a good move!

        In the meantime though I hope that cold has gotten better…

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