Raise Up Extraordinary Women: Sarica Cohen Klein

Sarica Cohen Klein

For the month of December, I’ll be shining light each day on some extraordinary women I know. They represent various fields and backgrounds, and I admire each for their passion and strength. These are bold, beautiful, brave women — artists, businesswomen, union organizers, nurses, writers, teachers, movie makers, designers, reporters, and all-around badasses.

Sarica Cohen Klein is a Southern California native who pursued her passion for working in the healthcare field as a pharmacist. She has always loved to be an active part of her community and often finds herself involved in multiple service groups. She feels that some things are worth the wait as she met the love of her life at the age of 37, got married at 38, and had her first child at 39. Her second child arrived at the age of 41. She now lives a happy life in Los Angeles with her family and continues to incorporate Tikkun Olam (healing the world) in her life every day!

1. What did you want to be “when you grew up?” It changed often but started off with being a teacher, then a professional dancer. I feel that I teach in my current role as a medical educator and I still dance in the house with my children every day!

2. What makes you the most proud of yourself? That I am a “doer” and am generally involved in things done in a positive way.

3. What darkness have you overcome? How did you find strength? I wasn’t diagnosed with OCD until I was in my late 20s, although I had symptoms my entire life. I reached rock bottom and was in constant agony. It affected my career, my friendships and everything in my life. I found strength in reluctantly but finally accepting the help that a few people in my life offered. I finally pursued therapy and medication that has turned my life around. I am now an advocate for mental health awareness.

4. Where will we find you on a Saturday morning at 10 a.m.? At home with my husband and children likely dancing to music!

5. What makes you smile the most? My children and of course, puppies!

Bonus: What advice would you give your younger self? I would just give myself a pat on the back and say “you’re doing a great job.” I am happy with the path that led me to my life today.

Today’s #OneGoodThing is sharing this extraordinary woman and my friend, Sarica Cohen Klein, with all of you! We are stronger together, so let’s shine a light on our extraordinary sisters! If you’d like to participate or nominate a woman to participate, please send me a note or leave a comment! What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share in the comments! Kindness is Everything.

Day 341 of 365. And Day 1,437 in a row (here’s the first 366, & the following 365, & the third year of 365 good things)!

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