Support through new treatment

After another day lost to a migraine, I worked up the courage to give myself a new injection treatment. Needle phobia and anxiety made this challenging, but my sweet boy Benny stayed by my side for support. Hopefully, this will help ease the chronic migraine pain.

Today’s #OneGoodThing with Mama is feeling supported through a new treatment! What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share in the comments! And remember, kindness is everything!

Day 360 of 365. And Now Totaling 2,552 Days In A Row. Here’s the first 366 and the following 365, as well as year three, year four, and year five, and year six of #OneGoodThing Daily!

On this day…

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  1. 💙💙💙💙I hope this works for you, Migraines are such hell, you lose days of our life in the most agonising way 😦 I used to suffer from crippling headaches that rendered me incapable of anything for 1-2 days at a time, and whilst having tests for the cause it was found I had a weak blood vessel in my neck that kept getting constricted, resulting in loss of blood to the brain, they inserted a tiny plastic stent and I’ve been (thankfully) free of these episodes since. BT`W Merry Christmas to you both

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