Our new (used) chariot

Today was a massive milestone in our home—we took delivery of our new 2017 Honda CR-V!

We’ve been fundraising to replace our 13-year-old MINI since February when it suddenly started having engine trouble. It was difficult to get around before, but the last month we’ve been stranded at home without transportation. That has been extremely stressful to navigate and we are so relieved to have a comfortable and safe way to get around.

Mama and I are eternally grateful to everyone who donated to help us, the dealership that gave us good deals on both selling and buying, and to Hebrew Free Loan for helping us make up the difference in funds.

We took our first family drive today and it was amazing! This vehicle fits us and our accessibility needs perfectly! Mama was able to easily slide in and out of her seat, her walker fit in the trunk with room to spare, and the dogs were thrilled with the back seat. The car has all of the safety and tech features we wanted and more.

Today’s #OneGoodThing with Mama is our new (used) chariot and the start of a new era of adventure! What was your #OneGoodThing today? Please share in the comments! And remember, kindness is everything!

Day 208 of 365. And Now Totaling 2,400 Days In A Row. Here’s the first 366 and the following 365, as well as year three, year four, and year five, and year six of #OneGoodThing Daily!

On this day…

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  1. Bravo! Congratulations! You have fulfilled your dream of getting that handsome car so appropriate to your needs.

    Lots of fun and adventures with it!



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